Simplification Of Document Shearing.

Google Docs in one way or the other an alternative to using Microsoft’s office. It has the basic Word, Spreadsheet, andPowerPoint applications as Microsoft Office; better yet its free to use! many people use Google on a daily basis, yet they may not have realize the other benefits Google has to offer through the use of their Google Docs Application to simplify their daily computer tasks like document shearing –an act of sending , reviewing, editing the same document with as many people as possible. This application in my opinion does simplify document shearing.Even though the normal everyday use of emails to send and receive document is still popular, many people are yet to know about this feature Google offers besides free emails.

Document shearing , in recent years have become a common trend among computer and internet users around the world. The simple act of showing or sending someone a document in some sense is no longer a tedious task;instead,Google Docs has made it simple by creating a “cloud computing”—a process where on can shear or send document to many people at the click of a mouse on a computer, tablet or mobile phones, by allowing these individuals to review and edit the same document as originally sent to them. The simplification of document shearing through Google Docs, Dropbox, Apple’s Cloud, MSN’s Skydrive, etc. is still not known by many people, majority of internet users still send and receive document through emails which is not a complicated task but only becomes hectic if you are someone who receives tons of emails a day, try going back to look for an email attachment sent to you 48hours ago!
Some have argued that Google’s technological inventions, i.e., Google Docs application is a major add on to fulfilling the computers’ main object—to minimize or even eliminate the use of paper which sometimes take up too much space on our desks at home or at work. Some google Docs enthusiast even argue that using cloud computing goes a long way to help achieve sustainable initiatives(Going Green); may be true, but whether the use of cloud computing will one day dominate the traditional way of shearing documents, i.e., faxes, emails, mail etc, it is yet to be known.


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